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Aurora Heatmap Premium Version – Aurora Heatmap Official

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This page introduce with WordPress plugin for the Aurora Heatmap Premium Version.

Standard Plan for Features Introduction

In addition to the free version features, PC and mobile click counts, The Premium version can visualize the following user behavior metrics:

Attention Heatmap

You can see where the user is watching.

Breakway Heatmap

How much of the content has been read and where did users leave the site? You can intuitively check this.The number indicates the percentage of users who reached the display position.
If the tally in the above capture is for 100 people, 80 people are reached at the 80% point and 60 people if the next point is 60%.
It can be said that 20 people left the page by the 80% point and another 20 people left the page between there and the next 60% point.
At the 0% point, all users leave the page and no more are read.

URL Organization

Hash and parameter optimization display.
You can select integrated display or individual display of hash and URLs with parameters to display the same page.
For example, if you assign parameters to search inflow and ad inflow as shown below, you can subdivide by channel.


1 is search inflow and 2 is ad inflow.
In the case of integrated display, page1 itself and individual display can analyze the difference in user behavior between search inflow and advertisement inflow.

Starting with version 1.3.0, the free version also allows users to select whether pages with URLs with the above parameters are displayed in a combined or separate view.
The Premium version is further enhanced so that individual parameters can be displayed separately or integrated.
Enables more sophisticated and detailed analysis of user behavior by inflow channel such as advertising and search and by campaign.
For details on the setting method, see the explanation on the setting screen.

Unread Detection

Aurora Heatmap's unread detection feature takes the page abandonment decision one step further.
It extracts pages that have been accessed but not yet read.

You will be notified of pages that have a higher than constant abandonment rate and are candidates for improvement.

These are pages that either have problems with the page experience, which is an indicator in Google's Core Web Vitals, or the information is not valuable.

>Unread Detection Detailed Description

Usage fee

Google, the largest search engine, says that user behavior on your website is very important.
A very effective tool for this is the heat map.
However, the heat map service is very expensive.
Aurora Heatmap has greatly reduced the cost of installation so that it can be used by many users.
Monthly and annual contracts are available.

Heatmap service A minimum plan $ 90 / month (up to 50,000 PV)
Heatmap service B minimum plan $ 462 / month (up to 500,000 PV)
* Includes other analysis tool fees
Heatmap service C minimum plan $ 136.8 / month (up to 30,000 PV)
* WordPress plugin client provided
Aurora Heatmap Standard Plan $ 19.9 / month (No PV limit)

The Premium version will be paid to US agency
Payment method is credit card or PayPal.

Monthly Annually
Single license $ 19.9 $ 199 (Discount for 2 months)

Volume license

We offer volume licenses that reduce the cost per site.
Please use it if you have multiple sites.

Monthly Annually
3 site license $ 52.5 ($ 17.5 / site) $ 525
5 site license $ 85.0 ($ 17.0 / site) $ 850

Depending on your environment and theme, Aurora Heatmap may not work as expected.
Since we cannot accept cancellations for individual cases, we recommend that you check the operation in the actual environment with the free version.

Aurora Heatmap Free Version

You can install it by searching from the plugin directory of or from the dashboard.

How to install

The Premium version can be installed via the installer plugin.

  1. User registration ... Partner with, your reseller.
  2. License Agreement ... Settle on the desired plan.
  3. Update plugin ... Update the plugin from the installer to The Premium version.

* The email address of your profile registered on the WordPress dashboard will be the registered address.
If it is not the correct email address, we will not be able to support you, so please make sure you can receive it without fail.

Plugin for installation only

First, download the Aurora Heatmap Premium (Installer).
This plugin is an installer that makes it easy to install a license agreement and plugin itself.
Aurora Heatmap Premium Version can be used by updating the plugin with a license agreement.
Upload from the dashboard of the target site plugin → add new.
Same as general plugin upload method.

Download the Aurora Heatmap Premium Installer

* If you want the Aurora Heatmap Free Version, please stop / delete this installer and use the free version.

Install and activate the plugin in the same way as you upload plugins in general, by clicking on Plugins -> Add New on the dashboard of the site where you want to install the plugin.

1. User registration

You can register for freemius by activating the free version using the following procedure.

Click the [ Activate Free Version ] link.

Click the [ Allow & Continue ] button on the next screen to register as a user.

Trouble shooting

Email authentication is required if the above message is notified at the top of the screen.
Please check the email sent to your profile email address and click the [ Activate Plugin ] button to complete authentication.

If mail cannot be received, processing cannot proceed.
Change to an e-mail address that can be received on the dashboard, and then perform user registration again with the following [ Restart user registration ] button.

2. License agreement

Contract the license for the standard plan from [ Upgrade ].

Click [ UPGRADE NOW ] under the standard plan.

Select [ Monthly ] or [ Annually ] and the number of licenses you need.
Select your credit card or PayPal payment method and enter your information.
Click the [ Review Order ] button.
A confirmation screen will appear. Click the [ Pay & Subscribe ] button to make a payment.

3. Update plugin

[ Aurora Heatmap ] - [ Account ] screen Install Now Update button to update Aurora Heatmap (Installer) to the Aurora Heatmap Premium Version.

The installation is now complete.

* In some cases, it may take a while to get the updated information depending on the environment you are using.
If this is the case, please let us know using the "Technical Support" link in the "Contact" submenu.
We will send you the zip file of the plugin as soon as it is confirmed.

Activating a volume license

Follow the steps above to install on the first site.
Display and save the license key with [ Show / Hide ] on the [ Account ] screen.

Install the installer plugin in the same way on the second and subsequent sites.
Enter the license key on the initial screen after activation.

You can use it by updating the plugin.

How to move a license

If you disable this plugin license, you can stop The Premium version license on the current site and enable the license on another site.

[ Settings ] - [ Aurora Heatmap ] - [ Account ] - [ Deactivate License ]

In the confirmation dialog, select:

Don't cancel subscription-I'm still interested in getting security & feature updates, as well as be able to contact support.

After installing the installer plugin on the new site, enter the license key on the initial screen.
Then update the plugin.

* The license key is required to authenticate the plugin at the following site, so be sure to keep it.

Migrate data from the free version

Users who are already using the Aurora Heatmap Free Version from the plugin directory of can take over the data.

  1. Stop the free version.
  2. Complete The Premium version installation by following the steps above.
  3. After confirming the data transfer, delete the free version.

* Please note that if you delete the free version first, the existing data will be lost.

Video explanation of installation procedure

How to cancel the Premium Version

The paid version is in subscription format and will be automatically renewed for each contract period.
It is the user's responsibility to stop the renewal.
Please note that deactivation or removal of a plugin is not a subscription cancellation.
If you do not wish to automatically renew your subscription, please do the following.

Stop automatic updates

[ Setting ] - [ Aurora Heatmap ] - [ Account ] - [ Downgrade ]

"Deactivate License" is to cancel the use of the current site, such as moving the license.
To stop updates, please select "Downgrade".

All subsequent recurring payments will be suspended and the contract will be terminated upon the expiration date of the current license.
For example, if you sign a monthly contract on Jan-1, the contract will be renewed for one month on Feb-1 of the following month.
If your renewal is stopped on Jan-20, you will be able to use the paid version until Jan-31, and no further payment will be due.

FAQ with Installation and Payment

Q. Can I have a receipt?

It is issued from the distributor

[ Settings ] - [ Aurora Heatmap ] - [ Account ] Please fill in the billing address and other necessary information, and then click the [ Invoice ] button in Payments.

Q. Is the update automatic?

Basically, it is automatically updated in the same period after the valid period.

Q. How to stop automatic update

If you do not want automatic updates, please do the following:
[ Settings ] - [ Aurora Heatmap ] - [ Account ] - [ Downgrade ]
All subsequent periodic payments will be suspended and the contract will be terminated with the expiration date of the current license.

Q. Can I cancel it?

The license fee for the contract period cannot be refunded.
If you want to expire the contract in the current period, see Q. How to stop automatic update.

Q. How long is the license period?

The license period is 1 month and 1 year. Discounts are available for longer contract periods.

Q. What happens when the license for The Premium version expires?

The Premium version will be disabled automatically.
It can be used as it is as a free plan, but it cannot be updated to the latest version.
If you want to continue using the free plan, we recommend that you uninstall it and introduce the free version from the official directory.

Q. Can I transfer a license to a different site?

Is possible.
See How to move a license.

Q. Server moved

If the server is transferred in the same domain, it will be treated the same as Q. How to move a license.

Q. I use the free version, can I transfer the data?

Is possible.
See Migrate data from the free version.

Q. I want to use the free version

You can install it by searching from the plugin directory of or from the dashboard.

Aurora Heatmap Free Version

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Please refrain from making inquiries regarding the free version or other technical support.

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